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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Australian salmon?

Australian Salmon are one of the Holy Trinity fish species, along with Barramundi and Mulloway, which makes them a highly prized target. Broad shouldered, chunky, powerful torpedo shaped fish – one of the best sporting fish within reach of the typical amateur land based fisherman.

Why is it so hard to catch Australian salmon?

Their mysterious and unpredictable seasonal migration and schooling behavior makes them an elusive target, further adding to the challenge of catching one of these sought after fish. For the land based angler there are basically two ways to catch Australian Salmon.

Are commercial fisheries for eastern Australian salmon market driven?

Commercial fisheries for Eastern Australian Salmon are strongly market driven, and total landings are more an indication of market demand than of biological stock abundance. Catch rates for the adult portion of the biological stock (i.e. in New South Wales) have increased during the past decade.

What is the difference between Australian salmon and Tommie salmon?

Small Australian salmon, on the other hand, have smooth scales and bright yellow pectoral fins. They also grow much larger than tommies, which only reach around 40 cm in length, while Australian salmon can grow to over twice that length.

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