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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are strewn fields found in the world?

These strewn fields are found on every continent except Antarctica, according to the Jackson School Museum of Earth History at the University of Texas at Austin. Scientists have largely been able to determine the source crater for tektites, with the exception of one – the Australasian field.

Are there any craters in the Australasian strewn field?

One of the most fascinating things about the huge Australasian strewn field is the absence of a source crater. The low angle impact, as evidenced by the extremely asymmetrical distribution of tektites (see map below), may not have left a typical rounded crater.

Where are the tektites located in the strewn field?

ABOVE: Distribution of tektites ( +) and microtektites ( ●) from the Australasian strewn field. In strewn fields where the source crater is known, the area immediately surrounding the source crater does not yield tektites, although this may not apply to a low angle impact.

Where is the strewn field in the Indian Ocean?

The material from the impact stretches across the ocean to include the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Java. It also reaches far west out into the Indian Ocean, and south to Australia and Tasmania. Since the 1960s, it has been accepted that the strewn field included Hainan in southern China to Australia or about 10% of the Earth's surface.

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