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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are in Australasia?

Australasia Region that includes Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The term Australasia is inexact. It is sometimes used to include various Asian countries (usually Indonesia and Malaysia), or extended to include Pacific island groups and the Australian and New Zealand territories in Antarctica.

What is Australasia now called?

The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia. It consists of the mainland of the continent and the island of Tasmania, as well as a large number of smaller islands. It is the sixth-largest country in the world.

What does the name Australasia mean?

Australasia, geographical term that has never had a precise definition and that was originally employed to denote land believed to exist south of Asia. In its widest sense it has been taken to include, besides Australia (with Tasmania) and New Zealand, the Malay Archipelago, the Philippines,

What is the population of Australasia?

Population of Australia from 1960 to 2020 (historical) In 2019 the population of Australia was 25,072,000 and the average age increased from 31.5 in 1960 to 38.9. Urban population has increased from 16,694,712 (87.2%) in 2000 to 22,853,000 (90.1%) in the current year. The population density of Australia has changed from 1.9 in 1980 to 3.2 in 2018.

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