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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Stars on the Australian flag?

On the fly side of the flag is 5 white stars, laid out in the shape of the Southern Cross constellation. The Commonwealth Star seen on the Australian flag is also known as the Federation Star, or the Star of Federation, and also as the Seven Point Star.

When did the Australian flag become the national flag?

This was clarified with the passage of the Flags Act 1953 which proclaimed the blue ensign as the Australian National Flag. The Australian Red Ensign became the official flag to be flown at sea by Australian registered merchant ships. September 3 each year, as well as being Australia National Flag Day,...

What does the red stripe on the Australian flag mean?

The red stripe on the flag represents the Australian Army, the dark blue stripe represents the Royal Australian Navy and the light blue stripe represents the Royal Australian Air Force. The Commonwealth Star and the boomerang on the Australian Defence Force ensign represent Australia.

What kind of material is the Australian flag made of?

Flags of All Nations specialise in fully sewn flags, where the design is appliqued on to woven polyester material, but also have printed options available as well. The Australian National flag design consists of a defaced Blue Ensign design, of a blue field with a Union Jack in the canton.

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