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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colors of the Australian flag?

The Australian flag has 3 primary colors, which are blue, white and red. The table below has the common and popular codes of these colors in HEX, RGB and CMYK formats along with Pantone (PMS), RAL and NCS (Natural Color System).

What does the top half of the Australian flag stand for?

It was also used at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972. The top half of the flag is black to symbolise Indigenous people. The red in the lower half stands for the earth and the colour of ochre, which has ceremonial significance.

When was the Union Flag first used in Australia?

The Union Flag, as the flag of the British Empire, was first used on Australian soil on 29 April 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook landed at Botany Bay, and it was again used at the start of European settlement of the country on 26 January 1788.

What does the white star on the Australian flag mean?

Underneath the dhari is a white five-pointed star. The star is an important symbol for navigating the sea. The points of the star represent the island groups in the Torres Strait and white symbolises peace.

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