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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 7 day lockdown in Victoria?

Victorian regions plunged into a seven-day lockdown will find out today if restrictions will lift amid concerns over case numbers in Geelong and Mitchell Shire. Follow the latest updates live.

Is there a covid Lockdown in Queensland Australia?

Australia has tightened the screw on its strict Covid lockdowns-ordering millions in Queensland to stay at home until at least the end of the week as the country struggles to control outbreaks of the highly-infectious Delta variant.

When was Australia banned from leaving the country?

Australians have been banned from leaving the country since March 2020 without special exemptions, and only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed to enter under some of the strictest Covid-19 border rules in the world.

When did Down Under camp start in Australia?

+7 Copy link to paste in your message Changes: Swapping Australia's New South Wales for Britain's North Wales, the camp has been set at a down-under spot since its 2002 debut (pictured in 2018)

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