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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Australia open to US travelers?

Australia Won’t Reopen to U.S. Travelers Until 2022 By Rod Mcguirk, Associated Press Oct 5, 2021 Photo by Taras Vyshnya/Shutterstock Australia, we miss you. Vaccinated Australian citizens and residents can travel abroad starting in November, but foreigners entering from overseas will have to wait.

When is Australia opening?

Australia will open its international border from November 2021. People will be eligible to travel when their state’s COVID-19 vaccine rate reaches 80%. Australia will take a gradual approach to reopening the borders. Fully vaccinated Australians will be able to enter and quarantine at home for 7 days.

When will Australia reopen?

Australia will reopen its international borders in November to allow vaccinated travelers into the country for the first time in 18 months. Australia banned most foreign nationals in March of last year and required its citizens to seek official permission to leave the country. Now it is preparing to reopen to the world.

What are the entry requirements for Australia?

Entry requirements for schools in Australia vary, depending on the educational institution and program. Considerations include the level and content of study already completed, whether in Australia or in another country. Minimum academic requirements in Australia almost always include a sufficient level of English language proficiency.

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