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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track All my Australia Post shipments?

Parcel Monitor is the ideal solution to track all your shipments on a single page. Parcel Monitor for Australia Post will help you track your shipments effortlessly. All you need to do is check the page for updates. Enter your Australia Post tracking number and get updates with a single click

Is the tracking number on a registered post?

Registered post is not 'trackable' as such, it will only be searchable when it is delivered and signed for, by that time you would obviously have it. The tracking number is actually for the sender to advised when it has reached it's destination.

Why is my aus post tracking not updating?

- The eBay Community Aus Post Tracking not updating .. i'm worried. This is my partner's account but we both use it however this is my first time that i personally have sold stuff on ebay. On monday i sent off a post parcel, just a regular padded parcel with the thing the person bought, with the package i got a tracking number.

What to do if you have Delivery issue with Australia Post?

Select the option that best describes the problem with your delivery. Log in now to pre-fill some details. You'll also be able track your enquiry online. Enter all your details, then get updates on your enquiry via email or phone.

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