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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the stock price of Australian Agricultural Company?

With a price-to-earnings (or "P/E") ratio of 16.7x Australian Agricultural Company Limited ( ASX:AAC ) may be sending... What Type Of Returns Would Australian Agricultural's (ASX:AAC) Shareholders Have Earned If They Purchased Their Shares Five Years Ago?

What kind of business does Australian Agricultural have?

The Company is an integrated cattle and beef producer, and runs Australia's largest herd of wagyu cattle. Australian Agricultural generates revenues and profits from marketing and selling its branded beef in domestic and export markets. Sorry, no quarterly data is available at this time.

Who is the CEO of Australian Agricultural Company?

In order to justify the effort of selecting individual stocks, it's worth striving to beat the returns from a market... Hugh Killen has been the CEO of Australian Agricultural Company Limited (ASX:AAC) since 2018, and this article will...

Is the Australian Agricultural Company covered by major brokers?

AAC is not covered by a major broker, or data from most recent compilation was omitted due to not meeting QA guidelines. Australian Agricultural Company Limited (AAC) is an Australian beef company with a heritage dating back to 1824.

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