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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any flights from USA to Australia?

A major airline has confirmed it is pulling all flights between the USA and Australia. Shoppers should expect major delays and price increases for imported goods ahead of the peak Christmas period as new international arrival caps impact airlines flying cargo to Australia.

Why is REX airlines still open in Australia?

"Crown jewel" of former US president's wealth sits idle on an airport ramp. Rex Airlines has made a surprise decision to keep open five routes into key regional Australian hubs which had been earmarked for closure in just one week.

Is the Australian government in control of aviation?

Australia will not be able to stand against this power. It is beyond the control of any government. Hamish Macdonald will join Ten’s The Project after his exit from the ABC’s Q+A.

Are there any flights out of Sydney Airport?

The latest lockdown has reduced passengers through Sydney airport to a trickle, as another international carrier prepares to suspend flights. Plans to launch a new crowd-funded airline called ‘brad’ have stalled after donations fell well short of the target.

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