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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Australian Defence Industries ( ADI ) created?

In May 1989, Australian Defence Industries (ADI) was created as a government-owned corporation to take over the major defence industry facilities still in government ownership.

Who was the sole indigenous defence contractor in Australia?

For many years, ADI was the sole indigenous defence contractor in Australia; however, a rival in the form of Tenix Defence was created as a subsidiary of Tenix Group company in 1997.

Who is the largest defense contractor in Australia?

ADI was Australia’s leading defense contractor, with revenues of approximately $A550 million (335 million euros) and 2800 employees. Its ongoing contracts included the production of the Huon class minehunters for the Royal Australian Navy, and the Australian government recently also selected the company for the FFG frigate upgrade program.

Why did Transfield invest in Australian Defence Industries?

For Transfield, which is Australia’s leading developer of public infrastructure and has extensive experience in privatization, the acquisition of ADI is a strategic investment to increase its role in regional defense and high technology industries.

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