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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Adi spun off from Australian Defence Industries?

ADA [Australian Defence Apparel], Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of specialised protective clothing, dress uniforms and ceremonial apparel, was spun off of ADI in 1995.

Who is the largest defence contractor in Australia?

Thales Australia (formerly ADI Limited) is a defence contractor for the Australian Defence Force, based in Australia .

Is the defence industry Australia a free publication?

Defence Industry Australia (DIA) is a free publication to the Department of Defence, DMO and Austrade. Over 6000 copies are circulated to Defence and Austrade Offices in over 50 countries worldwide and will be used as a handout by Defence officals for Defence and Austrade exhibitions and missions.

Why did Transfield invest in Australian Defence Industries?

For Transfield, which is Australia’s leading developer of public infrastructure and has extensive experience in privatization, the acquisition of ADI is a strategic investment to increase its role in regional defense and high technology industries.

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