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Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch the Australian Open 2021 in the USA?

All the Australian Open matches can be watched in the USA on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPN+, which was used to telecast it live last year for the first time. More than 100 hour of TV telecast along with 1400 hours of Australian Open streaming will be in action for the 2021 edition on the aforementioned channels.

What channel is the Australian Open on?

Tennis’ first major tournament of the new year, the Australian Open, will start Sunday, Feb. 7, with every match available across ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS ESPN+ and ESPN3.

When does the Australian Open tennis start?

2020 Australian Open Tennis Schedule. Australian Open: Melbourne, Australia: January 20 - February 2, 2020. As the first grand slam of the year, the matches of the Australian Open are always highly anticipated.

How much did the 2020 Australian Open winners get paid?

The 2020 edition of the Australian Open had a total prize money of A$ 71,000,000 (71 million Australian dollars) associated with it. Here’s the detailed breakdown of who earned how much at the 2020 Australian Open. The singles winners took home A$ 4.12 million while the doubles winners won A$ 760,000. Mixed doubles winners earned A$ 190,000.

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