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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first time the Australian Open was open?

The originally planned December 1986 edition was moved forward to January 1987, resulting in no Australian Open in 1986. The Australian Open was an Open Era event for the first time in 1969. One year previously in 1968 the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open were Open Era events for the first time.

Which is better Australian Open or US Open?

In this regard, only the U.S. Open is better than the Australian Open. After bringing in more than 700,000 visitors for the first time in 2015, the tennis Australian Open is expected to cross the 720,000 figure in 2020.

Who are the current winners of the Australian Open?

Current champions. Naomi Osaka was the winner of the Women's Singles in 2019. It was her 2nd Grand Slam singles title, following her victory at the 2018 US Open. Nicolas Mahut was part of the winning Men's Doubles in 2019. It was his 4th Grand Slam men's doubles title and his first at the Australian Open.

What are the categories for the Australian Open 2022?

In the game grid of Australia Open 2022, the championship participants will compete in the following categories: men’s single; female single; male doubles; female doubles; mixed (woman + man). Australian Open 2022 schedule will be placed soon. Tens of athletes of the first size apply for trophies of the 108th edition. Who will succeed in the end?

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