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Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of salmon are there in Australia?

There are two species of Australian Salmon: Eastern Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta) and Western Australian Salmon (A. truttaceus). Each represents a single biological stock. The Eastern Australian Salmon biological stock is distributed from southern Queensland down the east coast of Australia to western Victoria and Tasmania.

Where do Western Australian salmon live?

Adults of the Western Australian salmon ( Arripis truttaceus) breed in the southern parts of WA, and their eggs and juveniles get dispersed into South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania by the Leeuwin Current.

How do salmon feed in Australia?

Salmon will feed en masse by co-operatively ‘herding’ baitfish up to the surface. Salmon form a single breeding stock across southern Australia. In Western Australia they are found in cooler southern waters, but are also common in waters north of Perth metropolitan area during winter months.

What is the catch rate for salmon in Australia?

Total commercial catch of Eastern Australian Salmon across Australia in 2010–11 was 1487 t, comprising 312 t in Tasmania, 388 t in Victoria and 787 t in New South Wales. Recreational catch in New South Wales is estimated to be 150–210 t per year 5. Recreational catch in Tasmania was estimated at 48 t in 2007–08, compared with 110 t in 2000–01 2.

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