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Frequently Asked Questions

Is farmed salmon farming in Australia sustainable?

If there is expansion, the impacts of salmon farming must be avoided in those areas. Note: Imported farmed Atlantic salmon is available in Australia but has not been assessed in Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide.

What is Atlantic salmon farming like in Tasmania?

Atlantic salmon is a non-native species that is farmed in sea cages off the coast of Tasmania. Significant environmental impacts of salmon farming have been recorded in Macquarie Harbour, which is a unique and sensitive waterway adjacent to a World Heritage Area.

Which fish are farmed in Australia?

NZ (Approximately 90t imported to Australia in 2017) King, or chinook salmon, is a non-native species of salmon farmed by different companies in ... VIC, SA, TAS, WA, NSW Rainbow trout is farmed mainly on land in tanks, ponds and raceways. These fish require cool flowing water to survive, which ...

Where in the world is salmon farming located?

The majority of Australian salmon farming is located in Tasmania, where waters are among the warmest in the world for Atlantic salmon culture. Atlantic salmon farming in Tasmania.

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