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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fish for salmon in Australia?

Commercial catch of Eastern Australian Salmon is predominantly taken using purse-seine nets and beach haul nets. Recreational fishers typically use rod and reel with bait or artificial lures from boats, surf beaches and rocky headlands. Input controls include limited entry and gear restrictions.

How many types of salmon are there in Australia?

There are two species of Australian Salmon: Eastern Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta) and Western Australian Salmon (A. truttaceus). Each represents a single biological stock. The Eastern Australian Salmon biological stock is distributed from southern Queensland down the east coast of Australia to western Victoria and Tasmania.

What makes Australian salmon so special?

Australian Salmon are one of the Holy Trinity fish species, along with Barramundi and Mulloway, which makes them a highly prized target. Broad shouldered, chunky, powerful, torpedo shaped fish – one of the best sporting fish within reach of the typical amateur land based fisherman.

What are the best fish to catch in Australia?

The Aussie Salmon is prolific in season and a great surprise all year round. The southern half of Australia’s coastline is blessed with an abundance. A colder water fish, they are most active, in my neck of the woods, starting autumn through winter.

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