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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the eastern Australian salmon look like?

New South Wales divers often see large schools of Eastern Australian Salmon while swimming in shallow coastal waters. The Eastern Australian Salmon has a moderately elongate body with a long based dorsal fin and a large forked caudal fin. It has small eyes and a relatively large mouth. The species is silvery below and darker above.

How many types of salmon are there in Australia?

There are two species of Australian Salmon: Eastern Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta) and Western Australian Salmon (A. truttaceus). Each represents a single biological stock. The Eastern Australian Salmon biological stock is distributed from southern Queensland down the east coast of Australia to western Victoria and Tasmania.

Where can I catch Australian salmon?

Australian Salmon are caught in all southern waters of Australia, particularly southern NSW and Eastern Victoria. While commercial landings are at historically high levels, Australian Salmon are also a popular recreational species and the recreational catch is significant.

How did the Australian salmon get its name?

Australian Salmon are related to Australian Herring, rather then the orange-fleshed Atlantic Salmon and other Salmonidae. Their name comes from the European Settlers, who noticed a likeness between the appearances of the species. Australian Salmon are wild caught in coastal waters, often adjacent to estuaries and off coastal beaches.

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