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Frequently Asked Questions

Is farmed salmon farming in Australia sustainable?

If there is expansion, the impacts of salmon farming must be avoided in those areas. Note: Imported farmed Atlantic salmon is available in Australia but has not been assessed in Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide.

How many salmon are caught in Australia each year?

Total commercial catch of Eastern Australian Salmon across Australia in 2010–11 was 1487 t, comprising 312 t in Tasmania, 388 t in Victoria and 787 t in New South Wales. Recreational catch in New South Wales is estimated to be 150–210 t per year 5.

Where can I find salmon in Western Australia?

The Western Australian Salmon biological stock is distributed from Kalbarri in Western Australia southwards to South Australia, Victoria and the west coast of Tasmania.

What is the most popular fishery product in Australia?

Farmed Atlantic salmon is the highest value and volume fishery product in Australia. This rating applies to the sea cage farmed Atlantic salmon sector. In previous years Atlantic salmon producers in Tasmania made significant progress to address environmental concerns.

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