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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the salmon running in WA?

The salmon have arrived in WA and they’re just weeks away from hitting Perth’s shores. The proof the salmon have started their seasonal run from the Great Australian Bight is in this drone footage shot by Western Angler Magazine which shows an enormous school of salmon swirling through the ocean near Albany.

What is the recreational catch of salmon in Australia?

The current recreational catch of Western Australian Salmon is unknown. The most recent estimate for Western Australia was made by the 2000–01 National Recreational and Indigenous Fishing Survey 6, which estimated an annual catch of 136 t. The most recent estimate of the recreational catch in South Australia is 91.3 t 7.

Is there a salmon school on the south coast of Western Australia?

We patrolled beaches on the south coast of Western Australia endlessly to no avail. Every Easter, every long weekend in salmon season we’d head down. I began to think the idea of a salmon school was a myth. An urban legend. Huge schools of salmon along our southern beaches every year and I never found one after years of trying? It can’t be true.

What are the different types of Australian salmon?

There are two species of Australian Salmon: Eastern Australian Salmon ( Arripis trutta) and Western Australian Salmon ( A. truttaceus ). Each represents a single biological stock. The Eastern Australian Salmon biological stock is distributed from southern Queensland down the east coast of Australia to western Victoria and Tasmania.

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