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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian Securities Exchange trading centre?

The Australian Securities Exchange trading centre (ASX), originally the Australian Stock Exchange, is one of the top 10 global securities exchanges by value with a total market capitalisation of around $2 trillion. Based in Sydney, it was the first major financial market open every day.

How do I search by ASX code?

You cannot search by ASX code. To lookup codes for the S&P/ASX indices, search for 'S&P' or 'All Ordinaries'. Select any code by clicking on it. This window will then close. To select more than one code from the results page, keep this window open and copy the codes from there.

How do I see all available securities for a specific code?

Click 'Show related codes' to see all available securities for the selected code. For ASX codes that are not linked, also refer to the related codes page.

What is the ASX securities live asset list?

The ASX securities live asset list is comprehensive and enables retail investors trading platform access to options trading, equities, futures, commodities, mutual traded funds and more. There are several listing requirements that companies must adhere to before being considered to list as members on the exchange.

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