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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Australian Shepherd a good dog?

This breed is very intelligent, high energy, and affectionate. They're often great with children and very playful, but should be supervised like any dog. Australian Shepherds are good canine citizens in the dog park.

What are the traits of an Australian Shepherd?

Intelligent: The intelligent behavior of Australian Shepherd dogs can get it into trouble when not well managed. ... Hard Working: Putting in a hard day's work is the normal behavior of Australian Shepherd dogs. ... Easy To Train: On the list of Australian Shepherd dog behaviors is its trainability. ... More items...

How many puppies does an Australian Shepherd have?

Aussies like to herd whenever they can so if you are running with your Aussie expect to be herded. The average number of puppies for an Australian Shepherd litter is seven but it can range from six to nine puppies.

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