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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any spiders that are dangerous in Australia?

House Spiders – Are all spiders dangerous in Australia? House spiders in Australia are a common occurrence. Ask any Australian if they have seen a spider in their house and chances are they will tell you on many occasions there has been a Huntsman spider the size of a dinner plate on the bedroom wall!

Why are there so many baby spiders in my house?

Warm, moist air is ideal for thin-skinned baby spiders, which quickly dehydrate when conditions are too dry, and one egg sac can contain hundreds of baby huntsmen β€” which could lead to mass infestations such as the one in the video.

Where do black house spiders live in Australia?

The spiders mature during the summertime and live for about two years. Black house spider webs form untidy, lacy sheets with funnel like entrances. They are found on tree trunks, logs, rock walls, and buildings (also in window frames and crevices).

What was name of girl who had spiders in her bedroom?

Rogers' Sydney friend, who asked not to be identified on social media, had sent Rogers photos and a video of her daughter's bedroom, after the teen told her "Mom, we've got a bunch of spiders up there," the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) reported on Jan. 30.

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