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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there spiders in the floods in Australia?

First fires, now floods - it's been a terrible year for Australia's wildlife and livestock that are now trying to survive the rainfall pummelling New South Wales. Reports of spiders swarming by residents' homes to reach higher ground have spread on social media but animals are struggling across eastern Australia.

Where are the spiders in New South Wales?

Millions of spiders have taken refuge on fences and houses across the coastal areas of New South Wales, while many more could be seen escaping the rising waters to get to higher ground. This content is not available due to your privacy preferences.

Where did the Spider plague hit in Australia?

During a 24-hour period leading up to Wednesday morning, 550 mm (21.65 inches) of rain inundated the coastal community of Byfield, Queensland.

When did the Spiders come to my house?

Lovenfosse grew up on the farm and told CNN he experienced similar flooding in March 2001 and March 2013. On both occasions the flood waters pushed spiders toward the house, which is the highest point on the property. "It's still raining here and the flood water is still rising, the water is getting closer to our home," said Lovenfosse.

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