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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Australian states have closed their borders?

Tasmania was the first state to close its borders, on March 20, followed by the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia on March 24 and Queensland, the day after. Queensland was the last state to close its borders. ( Supplied: Rachel Walker)

How many border changes have there been in Australia since November?

Use the map and table below to find information about Australia's interstate border restrictions and changes. There have been more than 450 border changes since November, 2020. If you have a suggestion or correction, please get in touch. View the spreadsheet where we track changes

Which Australian states are staying shut due to medical advice?

Yet these very states and territories — the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia — insist they are staying shut because of medical advice. Why are there such different opinions?

Is Vic still closed 2021?

ACT > VIC. Remains Closed. Upgraded from Red to Extreme risk zone. Travel not permitted, including VIC residents. Exemptions (very rare and only granted in special circumstances) must quarantine 14 days. [Update Aug 16 2021]

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