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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of song is the national anthem of Australia?

One of our many great national anthems, this song is regularly played in pubs and AFL matches across the country. One of the all-time greatest pub-rock songs in Australia was originally written as a slow acoustic about grief and loss.

Which is the most famous song about Australia?

Describing the hidden spirituality and the vast emptiness of our countryside, Great Southern Land has become one of the most enduring songs purely about Australia. This 1982 classic introduced the then-little-used synthesisers, with the opening of the song symbolically reflecting the heat that radiates off the red dirt in the outback.

Where do they sing'i am australian'at?

"I Am Australian" is popular at celebrations such as Australia Day and New Year's Day, as it celebrates the diversity of Australian society. "I Am Australian" is often sung by Australian fans at numerous sporting events.

What kind of music do they listen to in Australia?

The land down under: famed for Vegemite, hot surfers, deadly animals and constant warm weather – it’s hard not for Australians to love every aspect of their nation. This without a doubt includes the iconic songs and popular bands that have graced the world with their Aussie charm.

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