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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find Austronesian ancestry in Indonesia?

Austronesian ancestry is found throughout Indonesia. But where the inhabitants of the large western islands have strong genetic ties to the Southeast Asian mainland, the inhabitants of the islands east of Bali have very little.

Where are people with Melanesian and Austronesian ancestry?

Eastern Indonesia, on the other hand, is home to people with a combination of primarily Austronesian and Melanesian ancestry. The Malagasy people of Madagascar speak an Austronesian language, but Madagascar is a world away from Southeast Asia.

How are the Austronesian people related to Taiwan?

Before DNA shed light on the origins of Austronesians, studies of their languages pointed to an Austronesian origin closely related to the indigenous people of Taiwan.

Where can we find evidence of Austronesian dispersal?

We generated full mitochondrial DNA genomes and genome-wide genotyping data for these individuals and compared them with the Banjar, the Indonesian source population of the westward Austronesian dispersal. We find strong support for Asian genetic contributions to maternal lineages and autosomal variation in modern day Somalia and Yemen.

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