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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Austronesian people and what do they speak?

The term "Austronesian", or more accurately "Austronesian-speaking peoples", came to refer the people who speak the languages of the Austronesian language family. Some authors]

Where did the Austronesians live in Southeast Asia?

Over the next thousand years, Austronesian peoples migrated southeast to the rest of the Philippines, and into the islands of the Celebes Sea, Borneo, and Indonesia. The Austronesian peoples of Maritime Southeast Asia sailed eastward, and spread to the islands of Melanesia and Micronesia between 1200 BCE and 500 CE,...

How did they build the Austronesian family tree?

A team of scientists in New Zealand built a database of simple words from 400 Austronesian languages, and by focusing on cognates (similar words that mean the same thing), the team was able to build a family tree of Austronesian languages — with indigenous Taiwanese Formosan languages at the root.

Where are people with Melanesian and Austronesian ancestry?

Eastern Indonesia, on the other hand, is home to people with a combination of primarily Austronesian and Melanesian ancestry. The Malagasy people of Madagascar speak an Austronesian language, but Madagascar is a world away from Southeast Asia.

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