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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of health care products does Ausway offer?

Build a safe, healthy and happy childhood. We newly produced EYE CARE WITH BILBERRY AND LUTEIN, COD LIVER + FISH OIL, ALGAL DHA. Ausway provide various kinds of health care products with high standards for patients’ supplementary and daily health care. We aim to make customers benefit from them and improve their lives.

What kind of raw materials are Ausway products made from?

All products produced by Ausway are made from the very finest raw materials carefully. Our manufacturers and Packaging laboratory hold the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing practices for Medicinal products licenses and are regularly audited to ensure that the codes of practice are maintained to Australian and international standards.

What do you need to know about Ausway?

We provide ACAI BERRY, SHEEP PLACENTA, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, specially for woman health and beauty. Men's health nutrition supplies for all ages. We have GLUCOSAMINE, SUGAR BALANCE, FISH OIL for any problem causes by aging, make your life easier. Build a safe, healthy and happy childhood.

How much can I save by shopping with Ausway?

By shopping with us, you can save anywhere from 30%-80% off retail price. You name it, we've got it! What a relief. We got 5 cats,had so much problem with cleaning the litter box.

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