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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Arthur's Steak House in Little Rock?

Arthur's has been open a long time in Little Rock in two different locations, but we had never eaten there until last week. We really enjoyed our calamari appetizer and perfectly cooked fillets, and the Justin Isoceles red wine was good if overpriced.

Which is the best steakhouse in the south?

We invite you to dine at Arthur's Prime Steakhouse, the premier steakhouse of the South offering only the best grade of beef in the world. Our selection ranges from dry aged prime natural beef, Australian Wagyu, and world class Authentic Japanese KOBE.

Is there a wine cellar at Arthur's Steakhouse?

Arthur's Prime Steakhouse is one of only a few restaurants in Arkansas that offers a private wine cellar vault for customers. The Cellar consists of two wine vaults. Both vaults are temperature and humidity controlled. One vault holds the premium American, Italian, Chilean and Australian wine.

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