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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can we diagnose autism?

While signs may begin appearing as early as six to twelve months , your pediatrician is unlikely to diagnose autism before eighteen months at the earliest, since every child develops at their own pace. It's normal for non-autistic children to show one or two traits associated with autism, like not responding to their name or being introverted.

What companies hire autistic people?

Some well-known employers that have created autism employment programs include Freddie Mac, Microsoft, SAP, Willis Towers Watson, and Walgreens. In 2011, Freddie Mac began hiring recent college graduates with autism as paid interns. They come from fields such as computer science, math, or finance.

Does Autism ever go away?

There is no known cure for autism. But recent research might make parents wonder if it ever goes away — either through therapy or through a child simply growing older. Researchers looked at parent’s reports on 1,420 children who once had an autism diagnosis.

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