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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think Autism Speaks is a good organization?

People always applaud Autism Speaks for its advocacy. But what people don't know is that Autism Speaks is actually a terrible organization, denounced by autistic people themselves. From my standpoint, here are 11 reasons why you shouldn't support autism speaks. 1. They do not have a single autistic person on their board

Who are the founding members of Autism Speaks?

It sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public. It was founded in February 2005 by Bob Wright, vice chairman of General Electric, and his wife Suzanne, a year after their grandson Christian was diagnosed with autism.

Why are so many people unhappy with Autism Speaks?

Since its conception, it has been the leading organization for autism research and awareness. Unfortunately, the autistic community and supporters have expressed dissatisfaction with the organization because of how it spends its money and the way it represents people with autism.

Where to contact Autism Speaks in the US?

1 Atlanta 2 Boston 3 Central Florida/Orlando. 557 N. Wymore Road, Bldg. 4 Charlotte 5 Chicago 6 Cleveland 7 Greater Delaware Valley 8 Lexington South Carolina 9 Long Island 10 Los Angeles More items...

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