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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an auto clicker on a Mac?

A mac auto clicker works on systems running on Mac and is specifically configured to suit the OS requirements. However, they work just like their Windows counterpart and extends the same functionality to the users. These mac auto clickers can automate your clicking process in a tedious task.

How do I Turn on auto Click on my Mac?

Run the auto clicker on your Mac device by clicking on the app icon. Choose which keyboard shortcut you are going to use for stopping and starting the clicking. Click on the “save keyboard key”. Once that is done, you are ready, to begin with, auto-clicking.

What are the best features of auto clicker?

Some of the best features of Mac Auto Clicker are listed below: 1 It allows you to set intervals between clicks 2 You can set the time to stop automation 3 It supports click count times 4 It stimulates left, right, and double clicks 5 It provides several ways to initiate and stop the auto-clicking of the mouse cursor More ...

Can you do double clicks with auto clicker?

Auto Clicker also allows you to implement double and triple clicks, fitting your convenience successfully. Auto Clicker has double and triple clicks as well, so you should experiment with the options to find what works your taste. 5

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