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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any 3 pin car electrical connectors?

3 Pin Electrical Connectors Waterproof Car Part Way ... 5 Pins Way Car Waterproof Electrical Wire Cable Harn ... HQRP 12V Push Button Air Horn Switch with Wire Conne ... TSV 26 Sets 1-4 Pin Car Motorcycle Electrical Wire C ... . 20 Sets Vehicle Car Circuit Latching Electrical Wire ... Willstar 708/352Pcs Car Connector Plug Terminal Auto ...

What kind of wire do you need for a 12 volt car?

Automotive Wire - 12 volt - Wiring Products Our selection of automotive wire for 12 volt and 24 volt electrical wiring include GPT wire, SXL wire, battery cable, insulated cables, trailer cable, and more. Electrical wire available in different colors gauge sizes (AWG) and lengths. Made in the USA.

Where can I buy wire connectors for my car?

The problem is as easily resolved as replacing one or more automotive wire connectors, something you can handle yourself with a few simple tools and the right part. Buy wire connectors online or visit your local Advance Auto Parts store and have one of our knowledgeable Team Members help you.

What kind of electrical connectors do you need for a truck?

From sealed automotive electrical connectors, circular connectors, and Deutsch DT compatible connectors to mini-splash proof connectors and more. Our fully stocked, ready-to-ship inventory of high quality, super durable and exceptionally reliable wire connectors has everything required for your trucks, trailers, RV’s and more.

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