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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose aesthetic detail studio?

Aesthetic Detail Studio is Chicago’s premier full service auto detail shop specializing in exotic and luxury vehicles. Offering everything from a simple wash and wax to meticulous paint correction, ceramic coatings and PPF, the ADS team’s attention to detail will leave your car looking better than the day it left the lot.

What is an automotive aesthetic signature detail?

Automotive Aesthetic offers a complete range of detailing services. The most essential of these make up our Signature Detail—an affordable package to awaken the car fanatic in all of us. The Signature Detail is complemented by a wide array of Additional Services, available a la carte.

Why choose automotive aesthetic for Charlottesville car detailing?

Providing services since 2003, Automotive Aesthetic is unique in that we specialize in providing Charlottesville car detailing services to clients who demand the utmost in precision and artistry in every part of their driving experience.

Why choose our auto detailing services?

More than 16 years of automotive detailing expertise, paired with ASE-certified techs means you can rest easy knowing your car is in the best hands. Our techs are car people. They know and love cars, and most importantly, they know and love your paint. They take pride in making your car look the best it possibly can.

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