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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ethical to work with automotive avenues?

Automotive Avenues was not ethical or honest when working with them. They are supposed to be an advocate for their broker customers, and try to get the best price on a vehicle. Instead, in my case, they didn't try to do that in an effort to keep the sale at a higher price for commission.

Why did we go to auto Aves for a car?

We found what we wanted at Auto Aves and took a trip down, and the first advisor able to meet with us was Cheryl. We explained to her that we are looking to buy in the next two months , because we are about to discharge a bankruptcy, but he needs a car to work - hence trying to get a car now instead of trying to repair our credit more first.

What is the deposit policy at automotive avenues?

Apparently their deposit policy is that the deposit is only for a 24 hour hold. So, they gave us a call this morning and we went up to test drive the car. Wound up loving it and buying it. Russ was our salesman and he couldn't have been more helpful.

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