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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the bearing and seal Application Catalog?

BEARING AND SEAL APPLICATION CATALOG - 1989 and Older SETTING THE PACE FOR AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET The combination of Timken and Torrington expands our product line and our competitive edge in more than 80 manufacturing plants.

Why are NTN Bearings used in electrical vehicles?

To support OEM's needs, NTN has developed smaller, lighter bearings and constant velocity joints that offer improved torque efficiencies while maintaining the same legendary NTN quality and robustness. To meet the needs of the future, NTN is accelerating development of modular products for electrical vehicles.

What kind of bearing assemblies does Timken make?

Our OE integrated bearing assemblies includes Sensor-Pac, Formed Hub™, Generation 3 and Pinion-Pac™. Timken supports commercial vehicle manufacturers, fleets and installers as well as medium- duty truck owners and operators with products and technical resources designed to maximize performance and uptime.

Why are NBC Bearings used in heavy vehicles?

Tractor bearings are subjected to heavy loads and have high exposure to mud and water. Apart from special designs, NBC provides these bearings with special seals and grease to withstand adverse environment conditions. Light & Heavy commercial vehicles are used in very rough conditions.

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