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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the manufacturers of electronic connectors in the US?

First Level Inc. is a Electronic Manufacturing Service Supplier specializing in Microelectronic Packaging for Medical, Optoelectronics, Photonics, Semiconductor,Light Engines,Mems, Sensors, Accelerometers, etc. We specialize in Die/Wire Bonding Techniques typically in Flip Chip Packaging. Facility has Class 10,000 ESD Cean Rooms.

What are non insulated wire connectors made out of?

Connectors / Terminals Our Non-Insulated Wire terminals are constructed from pure copper (Alloy 110), annealed & electro tin plated for Exceptional Corrosion Resistance. All terminals have "V" groove serrations To provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping.

Which is the best brand of wire connectors?

We carry quality brands such as Anderson, Delphi Packard, Molex, Switchcraft, and Amphenol wire connectors. From sealed automotive electrical connectors, circular connectors, and Deutsch DT compatible connectors to mini-splash proof connectors and more.

What kind of wire connectors do I need for my car?

As with any automotive electrical circuit it’s important to have the right multi-pin connector for the job.

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