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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an auto repair schedule book?

Auto repair appointment schedule books help create an organized system for your service writers and techs when setting up customer vehicles for needed service and repairs.

Why do you need a service appointment book?

We sell service appointment books, daily service schedules, job tracking books, and route sheets that will make your service manager's job easier. A well run appointment scheduling system is not only good for increased productivity, but also adds positively to the reputation of your auto body or repair shop.

Where can I Hang my Car service pad?

Will lay flat on your service counter or you can hang it on the wall using the two holes conveniently located at top of the pad.

Do you need notes on authorized additional repairs?

Legally, repair shops may be required to produce notes on authorized additional repairs. Your dealership's service advisors or writers can now have all the information needed. Keep it in this compact book and file it away for further reference if necessary.

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