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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoZone sell body parts?

Autozone does have a lot of problems, but they do NOT sell used parts, unless you mean rebuilt, and then they are clearly marked as rebuilt, and have a good warranty, lifetime warranty on most things.

Where is AutoZone auto parts located?

AutoZone, Inc. is an American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, the largest in the United States. Founded in 1979, AutoZone has over 6,400 stores across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil. The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

What does an AutoZoner do in AutoZone?

Autozoner is a name used for the worker at an Autozone. Zoner is also another term. Just a manager to go to if needed. This is a basic employee whose responsiblities are looking up customers parts and assisting in anyway possible. Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point.

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