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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you say with avec?

Avec. It means with. Because with is what this is all about. Born from the belief that mixers should be healthier. Tastier. And real. Made for the moments, places, and people you feel your best with.

Where does the last name Avec come from?

Borrowed from French avec (“with”) . From Middle French avec, avecques (“with”), from Old French avoc, avoec, avuec (“with”), from an assumed Vulgar Latin *aboc, *abhoc, *apud hŏque, a Frankish alteration consisting of Latin apud (“with, near, close to”) with hoc (“this”) and -que.

When did avec in New York City Open?

avec, a Mediterranean and Midwestern influenced shared plates restaurant, opened in October 2003 out of a partnership between Executive Chef Paul Kahan, restaurateur Donnie Madia and wine steward Eduard Seitan.

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