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Frequently Asked Questions

What does avectas do?

Avectas is a cell engineering technology company that enables drug developers to manufacture potent engineered cell therapies. View contacts for Avectas to access new leads and connect with decision-makers.

What is avectas's commercial model?

Avectas’s commercial model is to partner with and license the Solupore technology to therapeutic developers working on immune cell-based medicines for cancer and other diseases. Avectas has already partnered with a number of leading therapeutic companies and cancer institutes in North America and the UK.

What is avectas' solupure?

Avectas is developing Solupure, a next-generation cell-engineering tool for ex vivo immune cell therapy. If the home buyer’s mantra is “Location!

What is avectas doing in the clinical domain?

Avectas is currently developing the clinical (cGMP) technology embodiment while enhancing its dataset, implementing its commercialization strategy and building out the team.

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