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Frequently Asked Questions

What is avecto used for?

I use Avecto to allow trusted, defined applications to be installed and updated by users. Anything not in the list they come to the help desk and one of us does it for them, using a special account (admin staff have an account with "-admin" which has local admin rights on all domain joined PC's).

What is avecto privilege guard and how does it work?

My company uses 'Avecto Privilege Guard' to control administrator access on company computers. This creates a right click context menu that when activated, runs the program in an administrator account rather than the local user's account.

Is there a way to elevate a program using avecto?

Since avecto.bat is not available anymore you can use a general program requesting elevation like Johannes Passing Elevate.exe. Then just use elevate as you has used avecto, e.g. As a nice side effect it works in arbitrary environments.

How do I install the avecto client on my doit workstation?

You can use a feature called Software Center that is installed on all of the DoIT managed workstations to install the Avecto Client. Follow the steps below to install the client: Click on the windows icon on the bottom left corner of your desktop.

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