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Frequently Asked Questions

How much have you saved for retirement by age?

For those age 44 to 48, their average retirement savings are $81,349. Finally, those age 50 to 55 have saved an average of $124,831. While these may all seem like healthy amounts, all of these savings are well below even the most conservative goals.

What is the average age of retirement in the US?

Ages 45 to 54. Average household retirement savings: $254,720. Median household retirement savings: $100,000. This group is still part of Generation X, with the oldest members about a decade from ...

How much should I have in savings by age 30?

When considering average savings by age 30, data shows you should have at least $14,115 to $28,230 in savings and $61,937 in retirement savings. 2 If your employer has a retirement plan, your first step should be to sign up.

What percentage of households have a retirement account?

The bulk of these households include someone who is in retirement, or at least of retirement age. As a result, many are at the stage when they are probably spending, rather than accumulating, savings. According to the SCF, 48% of this age group have retirement accounts.

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