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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avon a publicly traded company?

Avon Products is a publicly traded company having a good stock performance result. Avon Products is a fortune 500 stock listed company trading under AVP. The company was named Avon in 1939, after the river that runs through Stratford-On-Avon in the English Midlands.

What is Avon phone number?

The Customer Service Phone Number of Avon Representatives is: +1 (212) 282-7000, 1 (800) 367-2866, 1 (800) 445-2866. Avon representative is an independent sale business that sells various brands like Avon, Avon Naturals and Mark.

Where can I purchase Avon Products?

Avon products are sold through Avon representatives, online, or at licensed beauty centers. Avon's beauty products can be purchased through any one of the company's independent Avon representatives, or at a licensed Avon Beauty Center.

What are Avon Products?

Avon Products, Inc. is a multi-level marketing and direct sales company that sells household, beauty, and personal care products.

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