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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in/register with Avon?

Sign In Access your Representative or Customer account Email Address or Account Number Why sign in/Register? To sign in and gain access to exclusive deals and opportunities with Avon, you must be registered with the site first. Helpful tip - the account number is always 10 digits.

What is an Avon independent sales representative?

Avon grants independent contractors selling rights to its products (hereinafter referred to as Independent Sales Representatives or Avon Representatives). Independent Sales Representatives are not employed by Avon.

Who is responsible for the privacy of Avon customers?

Avon’s Independent Sales Representatives are solely responsible for their own websites and for any information collected on those websites. If an Independent Sales Representative uses an Avon Site to collect information from you, Avon may have access to that information and shall treat it in accordance with this Privacy Statement. TOP

Can an Avon employee use the Avon website?

If you are an AVON employee or an AVON Independent Sales Representative, you agree that AVON may identify you as such (for example, by means of a badge or other identifier) while you use the AVON WEBSITE. If you do not want to be so identified, then you may not use the AVON WEBSITE. 4. Rules of Conduct

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