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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the USAF ranks?

This rank structure provided for seven enlisted ranks: Private, Private First Class, Corporal/Technician Fifth Grade, Sergeant/Technician Fourth Grade, Staff Sergeant/Technician Third Grade, Technical Sergeant and Master Sergeant/First Sergeant. Additionally, Air Force personnel were still referred to as soldiers.

What is the highest Air Force Medal?

Air Force Medal of Honor. The highest honor for heroism, the Air Force Medal of Honor is a gold five-pointed star, one point down, inside a wreath of green laurel.

What is the Air Force Quarterly award?

Air Force Quarterly Awards. The AF Form 1206 is used to nominate Airmen or civilians for awards. It records the justification for quarterly and annual awards at all organizational levels from Flight to Headquarters Air Force. These awards enhance the overall visibility of Air Force personnel, including Air National Guard and Reserve,...

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