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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the Awareness Month?

Cataract Awareness Month: Children's Eye Health and Safety Month: National Immunization Awareness Month: Psoriasis Awareness Month: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month: Medic Alert Awareness Month: 1: National Minority Donor Awareness Day: 1-7: World Breastfeeding Week: 8-14: National Health Center Week: 4: (second week) National Night Out

Is there a calendar of international awareness days?

Awareness Days - International Awareness Events Calendar - 2020 & 2021 The most comprehensive calendar of awareness events from the UK, US and across the world. View, download, sync and embed the awareness calendar with the Awareness Days toolkit.

Why do you need to shop at pinmart?

Why Shop Pinmart? Beautiful enamel lapel pins, affordable custom products, and friendly, helpful customer service — these are just a few of the reasons to shop PinMart. We have more than 2 million lapel pins in stock and ready to ship, but we create so much more than just pins.

Why are awareness events important in each month?

Our awareness events pages feature a month-by-month analysis of different days and weeks that are important to celebrate each month. Celebrating a certain holiday or helping raise awareness of a specific issue is a great way to show your brand’s supportive nature while connecting with your audience.

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