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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different months of awareness?

The most common awareness months, which almost everyone knows about, include the Breast Cancer Awareness Month held in October, the Afro-American History Awareness Month held in February, the Correct Posture Awareness month in May, and the Self-Improvement Awareness month in September. However, the list is not so short.

What is the awareness for each month?

Every month of the year is designated as an awareness month for at least one cause. In some cases, certain dates or weeks are designated as awareness times. It may be a disease like cancer, an effort like quitting smoking, or a socially beneficial program like literacy.

Is March an awareness month?

March is “Self-Harm Awareness Month” and an ideal time to learn more about a serious issue that affects so many young people and their families. Self-injury, also referred to as self-harm, is not a mental health disorder, but is recognized as a behavior that some people use to cope with intense, negative emotions.

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