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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different months of awareness?

The most common awareness months, which almost everyone knows about, include the Breast Cancer Awareness Month held in October, the Afro-American History Awareness Month held in February, the Correct Posture Awareness month in May, and the Self-Improvement Awareness month in September. However, the list is not so short.

What do we celebrate in July?

July is a festive month in California and throughout the U.S., thanks to the annual Independence Day Celebration with fireworks, parades, bands, picnics, and summer outdoor fun for all ages. While 4th of July steals the show with its spectacular festivities, there are also rodeos, blues festivals, fishing derbies and more.

What is July Awareness Month?

It's never a bad time to raise awareness about health-related issues, and July specifically serves as a national awareness month for HIV, hemochromatosis screening, and herbal-prescription interactions, as well as International Group B Strep Throat Awareness Month.

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